7 Pieces Brush Set

Blend On Eye Collection

$24.99 $46

Pro Large Blending Brush: This soft large fluffy bristles diffuse pigment makes it is perfect for gently sweeping across lids. It effortlessly blends any powders in the crease of your eyes, making any application a breeze.  {Natural}

Pro Detail Blending Brush: This tapered brush is made with soft, synthetic bristles that are gentle against the delicate skin of your eyelids. Achieve a professional eye look with this detail blending brush. {Natural}

Pro Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This angled eyeshadow brush has smooth fibers and will blend pigments out effortlessly to perfection. Start Blending like a Boss! {Natural}

Pro Mini Shader Brush: A mini dense, flat, and slightly rounded tipped. A mini firm brush that effortlessly applies powder for a professional finish. Best for all-over, precise application of color on the eyelids. {Natural}

Pro Mini Tapered Crease Brush: A defined, tapered point-shaped brush that's great for adding dimension to define the contours of the eye or deepen the crease. This brush will be your best friend for diffusing harsh lines and giving your crease color a final blend. {Natural}

Pro Angled Brow Brush: Its densely packed angled blush brush achieves a beautiful color payoff while sculpting your cheeks effortlessly. Hugs your cheek color and provides a light-to-medium application. This angled blush brush sweep over a wider surface area for color that looks like it is the blossom. {High-end Synthetic (Vegan Cruelty-Free) }

Pro Spoolie Brush: Spoolie brush is designed with custom-blended fibers that blend seamlessly. {High-end Synthetic (Vegan Cruelty-Free)}



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