6 Pieces Brush Set

Blend The Star Collection

$29.99 $37

Mini Highlighter Brush: The Mini Highlighter brush features soft fibers with a small tapered brush head. Use this brush to sweep powder products across your cheekbones, nose, and forehead to give your skin a natural, radiant glow. {Natural}

Angled Definer Brow Brush: appear angle fine tip accurately sweeps on pigment, grooming each brow hair in the right place. Giving you that effortless application, creating a bold arch brow! {Natural}

Flat Concealer Brush: A flat concealer brush with a rounded tip is perfect for patting down concealer and achieving maximum coverage in targeted areas, covering blemishes. {Natural}

Tiny Blending Brush: This perfectly small fluffy brush tackles inner and outer color placement and packs on pigment after cutting a crease. Applies evenly color and blends out cream or powder formulas easily. {Natural}

Shader Brush: This flat, tapered brush is perfect for setting and shading eyeshadow while ensuring results high in color. Features a multi-dimensional tapered brush made of synthetic fibers. {Natural}

Bent Liner Brush: This small detail brush features a unique bent and a tiny tapered tip that’s eye-deal for achieving a smooth, feline flick or perfect for getting close to the lash line and achieving a subtle precise, and professional-looking application. {Natural / Synthetic}

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