| We Donate Together |

We are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to make a difference in the world by giving back to our society. For every purchase you make we will donate 5% to a charity of your choice, at no cost to you. We are working with several charities throughout the platform called "Dailykarma". Our mission is to give warmth to people who are wishing for a miracle. We are grateful to have ongoing support from our customers that share the same passion to give back and make a change in the world. We admire you and thank you for participating in donating to the charities by every time you purchase with us.





| What We Can Do |

We are confident to bring a more comfortable shopping experience to our customers and to create more value to give back to society. We do not increase our sales point for this action. We provide very affordable prices with high-quality products. As a brand that just started its journey, we try to optimize and take action in the mission of giving a hand to those in need.




| Give Back |

Every person who visits and shops at Lemeri Beauty is already doing their part to give to the cause.

We donate 5% of every purchase you make to the charities of your choice, at no cost to you. There is a variety to choose from, and if none are selected the gift will be split evenly. Feel like doing more? Start now and make a direct donation!









| How To Select The Charity |

On the product page, click "Select the cause" for the charity menu, select the charity you wish to donate, 5% of gross sales will be donated to the charities you selected. 



| Spread To Yours |

Social media platforms are one of the most important tools to be heard, no matter if it's for entertainment, education, work, etc. It impacts everyone’s life. So, let’s take charge to make a difference by spreading positivity and give someone else a hand! Spread goodness to the world and Donate now!!