Listen To Our #Lemeribeauty babes!

Must-have brushes, sister loves them!! My sister is definitely the makeup artist in the family, she's always experimenting and creating stunning looks. Decided to purchase these for her as a Birthday gift and she loves the feel and quality of the Rose Collection. I'm actually thinking about purchasing a set for myself because they're so great!

Sarah G.

Listen To Our #Lemeribeauty babes!

So I have been in love with Lemeri Beauty since the day I first tried them because the brushes are great AND affordable (much more than other brands). When I tried the Eris Collection I was obsessed! Now Im a Vegan Lover but i hav to say Lemeri Brushes are waaay better that those other vegan brands. Please try out their collections!

Kianni Harris.

Listen To Our #Lemeribeauty babes!

These brushes... literally I loose words when asked to describe them. They are such great quality they don’t feel cheap. The hairs feel luxurious and soft on the face. One thing that is hard is finding the right set of face brushes and eye brushes for a great price. With this brush set I found myself using all the brushes.  I highly recommend to everyone, whether you’re gifting to a family or friend, or just simply adding to your brush collection. These brushes will not disappoint any of you!!!!

Destiny Wilson.

Listen To Our #Lemeribeauty babes!

These brushes are amazing !! Soft and blend shadows out nicely.

Jazmine Martinez

Listen To Our #Lemeribeauty Babes!

Excellent I would recommend these products without a doubt. Excellent quality love it. It is a must have.

Monica A.